10 Quick Tips about On-line Brand Protection

1.  Do focus on websites that pose the greatest risk to maximize your resources

A shotgun approach to brand protection will break your budget and not provide you with the results that top management expects and wants.

2. Don’t ignore monitoring Marketplaces. This is where your counterfeiters are operating

Counterfeit sellers not only diminish your sales but also create competitors to your authorized sellers who may stop selling your brand in response.

3. Don’t ignore monitoring Social Media. Counterfeiters use Social Media as their way of free advertising for their counterfeits and rogue websites

To many on-line shoppers, endorsements or referrals found on Social Media can have more value than formal advertising. Don’t be undermined by underestimating Social Media’s impact.

4. Do enlist proven technology to enhance your brand protection efforts. Good technology can make your protection program more effective and make the best use of our resources.

You can’t fight 21st Century problems with 20th Century weapons. Digital technology is changing faster than ever. Be current in your solutions.

5. Do monitor websites even after they have been taken down to insure your takedowns are effective.

Counterfeiters won’t give up because of a little slap on the hand. They know that brand owners often think that takedowns are forever and will be up and running again when your back is turned.


6. Don’t think success will be quick and easy. On-line enforcement can be slow and often difficult but the effort to protect your brand is worth it.

Your Brand can be your most valuable asset. Protect it!

7. Do plan to make on-line brand protection an on-going activity in your company. The Internet is here to stay and so should your on-line brand protection program.

Effective brand protection means being committed.

8. Do get the support of Top Management to insure funding and resources.

Ref #7. Educate your senior managers to the risks.

9. Don’t get discouraged, every brand is encountering the same on-line problems

There may be little comfort in knowing you’re not alone in dealing with on-line attacks to your brand but that recognition will help you to make top management understand the magnitude and scope of the problem.

10. Do report your findings and results within your organization. On-line brand protection should be a topic that should be included in your company’s operating performance.

Clearly identify the risks and how your efforts are helping to minimize those risks. This is not a “legal” problem only, it can affect your company’s performance and profitability.