Frost & Sullivan Honors BrandShield as a Leader in Digital Risk Protection


BrandShield is excited to announce that we have been named as a global market leader in Digital Risk Protection (DRP) Services by prominent strategy and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. 

The Frost Radar™: Digital Risk Protection (DRP) Services, 2022 report highlights the most innovative and cutting-edge companies providing digital risk protection. The industry-leading report, which is among the most prestigious in the space, is compiled based on in-depth expert analysis, a 360 degree research methodology, and objective evaluation. 
Used as a benchmark to spark action, companies included in the report have proven their value to clients and industry analysts alike. All companies featured within the report have demonstrated “continuous innovation and ability to translate to consistent growth,” Frost & Sullivan explains.
BrandShield is noted as one of the top 3 in the digital risk protection services industry in terms of innovation and growth, and has a solid track record of excellence in the field. We’re especially proud to be honored by Frost & Sullivan considering the recent upswell in companies seeking out digital risk protection.

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Demand for Digital Risk Protection is Soaring. Here’s Why.

Digital risk protection services have become mission critical for companies ranging from smaller start-ups to industry titans. 
Technology and a web-based model for businesses has been a huge contributing factor for the uptick in demand for digital risk protection. Cybercriminals are now wielding the power of AI and machine learning in order to engage in new kinds of phishing scams, which are more convincing than their previous forms. The COVID-19 pandemic led to a massive shift to work-from-home and hybrid working models, which have seen core aspects of business functions and mission-critical operations migrate online. 
With more data and assets online, companies are much more vulnerable to attacks. This dynamic online landscape, where threats are constantly evolving, poses a massive challenge to brands. Once cybercriminals find that their tactics can be recognized by organizations or there’s major publicity around a specific type of phishing campaign, they’ll switch to novel methods that are unfamiliar to most. 
Major global events, such as an economic slowdown, the Russia-Ukraine conflict and unprecedented supply chain disruptions affecting countries all over the world, have led to many companies needing to reprioritize and cut their budgets to stay afloat. With resources devoted elsewhere and companies’ attention occupied by weathering the impending recession, cybercriminals have spotted a golden opportunity to attack while business’ guards are down.

If cybercriminals aren’t swiftly caught, consequences are huge and far reaching. Brands may suffer irreparable damage to their reputations, financial losses stemming from the sales of counterfeit products, and customers and investors being less willing to work with a brand, to name just a few.


Why was BrandShield Named a Leader in Digital Risk Protection?

BrandShield’s best-in-class brand protection and robust threat intelligence, which provides 24/7 online monitoring and real-time insights to brands, has earned us a distinction as one of the top digital risk protection (DRP) service providers on the market. 

Our innovative in-house technology, coupled with our teams of IP experts, facilitates the rapid detection and removal of phishing attacks, brand impersonations, trademark infringements and more meaning that our clients can count on us for robust, effective brand protection.

“With its venturous approach, BrandShield stays on top of emerging challenges and technology trends, expanding into new markets and industry verticals, such as blockchain and gaming. BrandShield’s versatile DRP platform is scalable to any industry and business size, fulfilling the evolving needs of organizations globally,” says Martin Naydenov, Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

BrandShield leverages advanced proprietary technology for in-depth brand protection that includes a wide array of areas, which is far more expansive and comprehensive than the industry standard. Naydenov notes BrandShield's use of “sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) and image analysis” for our prowess in the space, explaining that the platform “scans millions of data points and recognizes intellectual property (IP) infringements that would fall through the cracks with many DRP solutions.” 

An easy-to-use, straightforward user interface (UI) means that teams’ collaborative efforts are more effective. Because the platform provides a pathway for sharing critical information quickly, colleagues can swiftly respond to threats and even take preemptive action to stop problems before they evolve into crises.

“BrandShield’s intuitive user interface empowers cross-functional teams without any cybersecurity experience, such as legal and marketing, to collaborate and rapidly take action against phishing attacks and brand impersonation attempts. The cybersecurity platform provides significant time and cost savings by offering a fully managed service consisting of automatic detection, analysis, and takedowns,” Naydenov adds.

Moving Forward: What’s Next for BrandShield

BrandShield is continuing to grow in the digital risk protection services space, and we are excited to be expanding into more markets in 2023. As online platforms expand, scammers roll out new, previously unknown techniques, and cybercriminals leverage creative tactics to impersonate brands online, we’re continuously enhancing our technology and expanding our knowledge base and services to respond to emerging threats. If you’d like to learn more about how BrandShield can help safeguard your company, get in touch with us today.

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