BrandShield Wins Frost & Sullivan’s Digital Risk Protection Award

We are thrilled to announce that BrandShield has been awarded the prestigious 2023 Global Digital Risk Protection New Product Innovation and Best Practices Award, thanks to our outstanding contributions to the field. This comes after we were named in the Top 3 of Frost & Sullivan’s Frost Radar DRP, in 2022.

We’re honored to have been awarded by Frost & Sullivan as a company that’s shaping the global DRP market, and we’re grateful that our commitment to excellence and innovation in brand protection is setting the bar for the industry.

Why Digital Risk Protection Matters

In today’s world, brands are facing more online threats than ever before, from a variety of channels. Scammers and bad actors have endless options for targeting brands and their consumers, from social media impersonations to selling counterfeit products on third-party marketplaces and even creating fake websites to trick unsuspecting consumers into forking over critical financial data.

Digital risk protection is a catch-all term that refers to a business's plan to safeguard both its sales and its good name with customers. Without robust digital risk protection, brands are leaving themselves vulnerable to a plethora of serious consequences, including lower sales, lost revenue, sensitive data leakage, financial challenges stemming from a lack of investor or partner trust, or irreparable damage to their brand reputation.

The Awards Selection Process

Global consulting firm Frost & Sullivan’s proprietary, measurement-based methodology for honoring outstanding companies in their fields is predicated upon an objective, fair evaluation of the technologies and solutions that are making an impact in their respective spaces.

The New Product Innovation Award’s selection process leverages a number of real-world factors, including technological innovation,  revenue growth, customer acquisition, market share, and expansion, and the value of the products and services offered. 

BrandShield emerged as an outstanding candidate in the category of new product innovation due to our continuous business growth and partnership expansion, the huge impact of our platform and solutions, and our proactive approach towards both combatting online threats and ensuring that we are always on top of trending dangers in the online brand protection space.

Here’s Why BrandShield’s Digital Risk Protection Earned a Best-in-Class Distinction

Due to our steadfast commitment to staying on top of emerging security threats and technology advances, and our in-house development of innovative, practical solutions to mitigate them. Our solutions are constantly evolving in order to meet the needs of the rapidly-shifting threat landscape, even as we successfully expand into new markets and verticals, including blockchain and gaming.

Our digital risk protection platform, which includes specialized, proprietary data scrapers and workflows, is highly adaptable to any industry vertical or business requirements. The flexibility and easy applicability of our solution across spaces has led to rapid growth over the last three years, with us onboarding many prominent customers. We’re honored to be a trusted partner of numerous leading brands and companies, and safeguarding their bottom lines and reputations is of paramount importance to us.

“We’re beyond proud to be recognized by Frost & Sullivan as a leader in the digital risk protection space,” says BrandShield Founder and CEO, Yoav Keren. “Our proprietary, AI-powered solutions have proven threat identification and takedown capabilities and have become essential in protecting brand reputation amid the growing sophistication of cybercriminals and the increasing threat of online attacks.” 

Martin Naydenov, Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, explains that BrandShield addresses a need in cybersecurity with a unique platform and solutions that are expertly crafted for the realities of online threats facing brands today.

“BrandShield nicely fills a gap in the cybersecurity industry with its brand-oriented DRP platform and breadth of brand protection use cases, which its other competitors cannot easily replicate,” says Naydenov. “[BrandShield] is staying on top of new market trends and challenges, continuously improving its capabilities, and offering new use cases to reflect the zeitgeist of the DRP market.”

Our Recent Accomplishments and Vision for the Future

This achievement comes after a very busy and productive year for BrandShield, which saw us launch exciting new features and services, improve our platform, and expand our client base. All of these developments also contributed to us winning the award.

Last year, we released BrandShield 3.0, the ultimate solution against external digital threats. The solution has proved to be enormously popular among both our long-term and newer clients, and we’ve received extremely positive feedback regarding the platform.

As part of our efforts over the last year, we’ve also formed new partnerships that have been critical for helping us grow and expand our market share.

It's an honor to be recognized for our unique ability to monitor, detect, and remove online threats and we thank Frost & Sullivan for the award.  We look forward to continuing to provide the online brand protection space with innovative, best-in-class solutions in the years to come.

Is your brand protection strategy strong enough for today’s threats?

Cybercriminals are constantly evolving, leveraging new techniques and strategies to target brands. Your online security capabilities should evolve accordingly - if not, you’re leaving your business vulnerable to serious threats. To learn more about how BrandShield can help safeguard your brand from online attacks, get in touch with us today.

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