Why Our Discovery Call Is Key To Analyzing Your Digital Risk Protection Needs


Questioning your current digital risk protection strategy, but unsure of how you’d like to move forward? A discovery call with BrandShield can help you better understand your needs, and paves the way for us to create a brand protection solution that’s expertly tailored to fit your business.

5 Key Questions During A Discovery Call

When we engage in discovery calls with your company, we ask several key questions that can help us gauge your pain points, understand your needs, and get a sense of your current digital risk situation and whether it’s being managed appropriately. If any of these questions strike a chord with you, you may consider updating your digital risk protection strategy and contact us to speak with one of BrandShield’s representatives

1. When was your last phishing attack?

We’ll ask you to tell us about the timing, severity, and frequency of phishing attacks you may have recently experienced. This helps us better understand your needs and the urgency regarding timing for creating and implementing the right solution for you.

2. Have you ever experienced brand / executive impersonations on social media?

As part of our in-depth discovery process, we map all impersonations of the brand or of senior executives from your company. Monitoring and tracking impersonations is critical for accurately understanding your areas of vulnerability. This is one of the most common attacks and unfortunately, as your company grows, you become more of a target for impersonations. 

3. Did you successfully take them down? How long did it take? 

The length of time it takes your company internally to rectify this issue is frustrating. You know how time consuming this is. However, we’re confident we can improve our clients’ takedown rates, thanks to our seasoned enforcement teams with IP backgrounds. Handling takedowns in-house, especially on multiple sites and platforms, is next to impossible without advanced tools. That’s where we come in. Our threat hunters have the right knowledge and technological advantages to manage takedowns swiftly and efficiently. Every client is different and that is why our cyber threat hunters utilize specific modules to create an effective and efficient cyber threat hunting dashboard that enables your threat hunting strategy to get results..

4. Was your legal department involved in the takedown?

Enforcement managers with extensive IP backgrounds, who have hands-on, real-world experience in the legal field, are an essential part of a robust and effective takedown process. Without IP professionals on your side, it’s much harder to contend with legal and other issues that often emerge during the takedown phase.

5. What’s your solution for managing phishing and impersonation attacks?

If you don’t have a dedicated team focused on these issues, tracking and monitoring phishing and impersonation attacks places a huge burden on your company. Our digital risk protection strategy gives you the security of knowing that your takedowns are being proactively managed by our experts and innovative technology, including our clustering capabilities which detect multiple threats at once.

Focusing On What’s Important: 4 Questions You Will Be Asked

Once we have a general background of your brand protection strategy, we follow up with a few more focused questions. This is to gain a full picture of how BrandShield can help to safeguard their brand reputations and revenues. 

1. What vulnerabilities have you faced?
No matter what issues our clients have previously faced, BrandShield has a solution that’s specifically tailored to that potential exposure point. We have years of experience covering a wide range of vulnerabilities across numerous channels, from international marketplaces to social media networks to paid ad scams.
2. What are your needs/expectations?

We recognize that you come with a set of unique, bespoke needs, which can vary significantly depending on your industry and your space’s legal requirements. We specialize in tailoring our services to meet the concerns of companies in numerous industries, including luxury brands, finance, gaming, crypto, technology, and retail companies.
3. What’s your internal discussion process around working with BrandShield? 
Are people within your company worried about the potential hassle of switching vendors or the level of manpower hours required on your end for adopting a new solution? Our integration and adoption process is designed to be a super smooth transition - let us know about your concerns, and we’ll work through them with you.
4. Who owns the decision to move forward with BrandShield?
Each company’s hierarchy and stakeholders factor differently into the decision making process when it comes to embracing a new digital risk protection solution. At BrandShield, we have plenty of experience in speaking to various C-Level executives, from CEOs to CISOS, about the ways that our platform benefits your business. 
If the executive who will make the decision to partner with BrandShield isn’t available for a first meeting, we will be happy to schedule a secondary meeting with them, during which we explain our value, how we operate, and the adoption process, from beginning to end.

Why we love discovery calls

Discovery calls are an essential part of creating the most effective digital risk protection strategy for our clients. They’re a crucial step in BrandShield’s process that paves the way for us to map your threats, then discuss our tactics and solutions to ensure that we address these risks and secure your brand online.

Our industry-leading phishing and social media impersonation takedown team are designed to ensure that threats are removed swiftly, in the most time-efficient manner possible. BrandShield’s platform and our experienced IP experts give you the peace of mind that comes with proactive, 24/7 online brand protection you can trust. 

We are strong believers in transparency with our clients, providing them with full visibility into our threat monitoring and management, along with period reports on our takedowns.

If any of the questions above seem familiar to your company, or if you have any other questions at all, we’d love to hear from you.Talk to us today and we’d be happy to show you how we can offer you a digital risk protection solution that’s perfectly suited to your business’ unique needs.

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