The Holistic Approach Is The New Approach To Online Brand Protection

Online brand protection requires a holistic, proactive approach. Most vendors, however, do not take that approach, choosing a far less effective route that attempts to mitigate threats after the damage is done. It’s crucial that brands analyze all vulnerabilities, detect threats, and handle them. The following stories of three leading brands prove this.

Whole in One: Why Brands Need a Holistic Brand Protection Solution

Online brand protection is a world on its own. It involves multiple needs, target audiences, products, services, and arenas. Any solution that addresses only some of these elements leaves room for malicious players to exploit the gap. 

Security expert Brad Johnson once said about the danger of online intellectual property infringements, "There is an age-old saying, 'you don’t know what you don’t know.' Interestingly enough, it is a phrase often associated with intellectual property loss or compromise.”

The holistic approach to online brand protection considers every aspect and leaves room for updates and additions, knowing that scammers never quit trying. A holistic solution examines the entire supply chain and distribution system, looking into each supplier’s actions to minimize gray market and counterfeit activities. 

After investigating every player, the holistic approach then takes a step back to look at the big picture, considering cross-platform coverage and effective stakeholder collaborations. As part of BrandShield’s signature holistic approach, we build a tailored brand protection services strategy that suits every client’s individual needs. There are several steps to the process.

Pain point assessment 

This involves listing the most critical issues a company faces on every platform. In the case of Bang & Olufsen, their brand protection solutions could not keep up with the plethora of elements that required analysis, detection, and takedown. Dealing with counterfeit sales, social media impersonation, fraud, and other threats left the brand exposed. 

A detailed pain point assessment allowed us to build a comprehensive brand protection strategy that ensured complete eCommerce compliance based on clear, consistent brand guidelines. The mass detection and tailored takedowns we performed for Bang & Olufsen managed to remove 700 fraudulent listings per month, reaching a 98% success rate. 

Learn more about how we use pain point assessment to create a holistic brand protection solution.  

AI-based threat mapping

Our technology tools help establish the most effective path towards proactive online brand protection by detailing every possible threat. 

A big fashion brand was facing a flood of complaints and bad reviews from customers who fell victim to fake posts and pages. Our AI-powered brand protection software made it possible to actively monitor every social media profile and page. We identified risk factors and traced the suspicious activity to reveal fraudulent websites that were taken down to prevent negative reviews. 

As a result of this process, the fashion brand enjoyed a 92% takedown rate that included 47 fraudulent websites per month. More than 400 websites were removed within the first month alone.

Active monitoring

We track social media profiles and other online platforms to identify any suspicious activity and detect high-priority risk factors. 

In the case of Pollogen, they were experiencing an increase in online counterfeiting activity, grey-market products, fraudulent use of trademark rights, and unauthorized sellers. 

With active monitoring, we were able to successful form a proactive plan that included threat mapping and takedown steps across markets, including the Chinese market, where the brand suffered many attacks. As a result, we were able to reach a staggering social media takedown rate of 99.5%, covering ads, profiles, posts, and pages of all kinds. 

BrandShield’s holistic approach was able to deliver solid results for every brand’s unique needs and challenges. By analyzing the particular situation and building a dedicated strategy, we could offer the most effective, proactive solution. One comprehensive system fueled by the right technology can significantly improve detection and takedown results, giving brands complete visibility and control.  


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