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Pollogen Ltd., a company of Lumenis, is a global leader in providing innovative, safe, and  effective solutions in the aesthetics market. Founded in 2006, Pollogen creates a unique combination of proprietary technology, offering skin treatment products, which are sold in over 60 countries. 

The Challenge

As a respected international brand with a distribution network across 60 countries, Pollogen needed a viable and comprehensive strategy to protect their brand integrity, customer loyalty and reduce grey market products. The challenge they faced was a surge in fraudulent social media posts and ads, and while they invested countless hours to solving this issue, they were only able to achieve minimal takedown results, therefore counterfeit products continued to damage their business. 

After opening in the Chinese market, Pollogen noticed a rapid increase in counterfeit, low cost products, which caused a significant drop in sales. Even more concerning was the rise in unsafe, unregulated products and associated potential risks to customer health. Michele Michaeli, VP of Marketing stated, “Counterfeit products impact Pollogen on many levels, not only sales loss and public image issues but more importantly there are significant customer safety concerns.”

Despite having engaged an online brand protection vendor, the number of brand infringements continued to rise leading to increasing concern from the company’s affiliate partners. Pollogen needed a holistic solution – a vendor who was able to handle the volume and variety of issues across both Western and Chinese marketplaces.

"Pollogen is always in constant battle against counterfeiters and unauthorized sales. This fight is an essential element in supporting our global distribution network,” explained Michaeli. 

Pollogen envisioned a strong brand protection strategy backed by a top-notch and flexible security platform to be able to deal with counterfeiters’ rapidly and constantly changing tactics. In addition, they needed more stringent security practices that would ensure threats were detected quickly and accurately, protecting their product, distribution network and branding at a critical time in an emerging market.

With an expanding grey market and ever-increasing fraudulent sites, a new and innovative solution was needed to retake market share. Pollogen’s internal departments and distributors were under pressure to meet sales and distribution targets.

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The Solution

BrandShield’s flexible AI-powered solution was the perfect fit for Pollogen. We took a proactive approach, analyzing and mapping the different issues Pollogen was facing. Working together with the Pollogen team and their distribution network, we identified high priority issues and devised a strategic plan for each marketplace and platform. 

What was achieved?

  • An effective and proactive approach to threat mapping and takedown
  • Productive collaboration between all stakeholders including global distribution network
  • An aggressive monitoring plan that leveraged BrandShield’s clustering technology

In partnership with all stakeholders, holding weekly meetings to optimize metrics and current strategy, they were able to rapidly update and hone their search criteria, improving efficacy at every step. Their data-generated insights created a long and lasting impact on counterfeit takedown rates. 

“BrandShield’s hunters reached a phenomenal 92% takedown success rate within the first month, in both Chinese and Western marketplaces, where most issues were detected,” Michaeli explained the progress. “This involved an in-depth understanding of Pollogen’s main pain points, utilizing every aspect of BrandShield’s online brand protection solution, covering trademark infringements, counterfeit products, internal operations, social media, and online marketplaces.

Working with Pollogen and their distribution network, BrandShield created a highly professional, flexible, and creative solution. This reduced fraudulent sites, strengthened authorized distribution channels, and solidified trust in Pollogen’s brand image.


The Results

BrandShield delivered far more than just counterfeit protection, they gave a sense of control and allowed everybody to get back to what they’re good at! In essence, their online brand protection program effectively supported both Pollogen sales and ongoing business.

After engaging BrandShield they have seen a sharp reduction in ‘never-ending fake sites and products’ and have regained control of their product distribution, sales and commissions.

‘I can’t begin to express the positive impact and contribution this has had on our sales and our relationship with our distributors. They quickly realized the effort that we all are putting in to protect our products, giving them confidence in our brand protection capabilities.’ stated Moshe Gurevitch, VP of Sales when recalling the BrandShield rollout.

This innovative solution offered more than financial value to Pollogen – their distribution and sales teams were met with a renewed sense of focus, able to direct their attention to generating sales and entering new markets. Removing the constant threat of counterfeit products proved to be of the highest value to the company, employees and distribution partners.

A unified effort between people and technology made this solution the best fit for Pollogen. The proactive approach offered by BrandShield solved their business concerns, reestablishing affiliate partner trust, reducing counterfeit products, reclaiming the grey market, and helping their teams remain focused– without the constant distraction of fraudulent action.

“We are in good hands. BrandShield is a partner that never gives up and always finds creative ways to reach a resolution. Can’t is not an option. They’ll find a way.” Michele Michaeli, VP Marketing.

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