Revolutionary Logo Detection for Brand Protection: Meet LogoShield™

BrandShield is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our robust online brand protection platform - LogoShield™. As an integral part of our online brand protection platform, LogoShield™ represents the forefront of AI-powered logo detection and recognition.

What is LogoShield™?

LogoShield™ is BrandShield’s solution for the growing challenge of logo violations online, which pose a major threat to brands. Cybercriminals often illicitly use companies’ logos in order to create the false appearance that they are selling authentic goods or acting on behalf of that business. 

LogoShield™ is an AI technology seamlessly integrating into BrandShield's platform. Embedded within the very core of BrandShield's comprehensive solution, LogoShield™ becomes an indispensable component, enhancing your brand's online protection capabilities.

Due to the staggering amount of logo violations online, across platforms ranging from social media sites to third-party retailers and major marketplaces, it’s simply impossible for brands to engage in manual, independent logo detection that’s sufficient to protect their reputations and bottom lines. 

Thanks to its AI-powered technology, which accurately identifies and monitors logo abuse online, LogoShield™ is empowering brands with a way to quickly discover the unauthorized use of their logos. This means that businesses can swiftly launch takedowns, helping minimize potential damage while preserving manpower hours and other security resources.

Unlike other solutions on the market, LogoShield™ detects logos robustly and effectively, even when said logos have been distorted or partially obscured. This innovative solution closes the gaps when it comes to online logo identification, successfully discovering logos that have been tweaked by cybercriminals in the hopes of slowing down or preventing identification.

LogoShield™ 's automated, 24/7 scanning and monitoring is critical for safeguarding brand identity and reputation. The solution covers diverse platforms for comprehensive brand vigilance, ensuring that no illicit use of a brand’s logo slips through the cracks.

The Benefits of LogoShield™: Elevating Brand Protection

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital threats, a lightning-fast response to emerging risks is paramount. With its advanced capabilities and unprecedented accuracy, LogoShield™ stands as a formidable defense against logo impersonations and brand identity vulnerabilities.

Detects More Digital Threats: Expanding Coverage

LogoShield™ empowers brands with innovative logo detection technology, which means that violations that may have previously gone undetected are identified. 
Manual and traditional approaches towards logo infringement often left gaps in the security net, such as failing to pick up on the use of logos with slightly adjusted coloring or sizing, allowing countless threats to slip under the radar. 
But LogoShield™ greatly expands coverage, leaving fewer threats undetected. Its state-of-the-art algorithms and comprehensive identification features mean that even the most sophisticated examples of logo impersonation are promptly identified.

Dramatically Slashes Online Logo Impersonations

The solution creates a significant reduction in online logo impersonations by bad actors, by utilizing a number of advanced technologies and strategies. The tool's accuracy and precision minimizes instances of logo impersonation, safeguarding brand integrity and protecting your image and branding online.

Efficiency and Overhead Reduction: Optimizing Resource Allocation

Manual analysis and detection of logo-related threats are costly, time-consuming, and resource-intensive. That’s not to mention that even the most experienced security teams have limitations regarding the number of websites and platforms they can review each day.
LogoShield™ streamlines and automates the detection process, eliminating the need for exhaustive manual intervention and reducing the burden on security teams. This tech-first approach allows for smarter resource allocation, allowing businesses to direct their efforts toward more strategic tasks and leaving human teams to deal with other issues. 
With LogoShield™ shouldering the detection workload, organizations can efficiently utilize their workforce for tasks that demand human expertise.

An Accelerated Response to Emerging Threats

When it comes to the illicit use of your logo, every minute counts. The speed of a takedown can have a major impact on the scale of the potential damage to your brand. LogoShield™’s real-time detection capabilities ensure a swift response when it’s most critical.
As soon as a potential threat surfaces, the tool swiftly analyzes and assesses the situation, allowing your security teams to take immediate action. This accelerated turnaround time ensures that emerging threats are neutralized before they can cause significant harm.

Fortifying Your Brand From Online Risks

Within the digital ecosystem, your brand is vulnerable to a multitude of external risks. LogoShield™ plays a crucial role in protecting your brand in a dynamic online environment, safeguarding your brand’s good name and bottom line.
By thwarting logo impersonations and brand identity threats, LogoShield™ is a critical part of your overall digital threat protection strategy. The tool's proactive approach towards identifying and neutralizing potential threats involving the use of your logo gives your brand critical peace of mind.

How LogoShield™ Works 

LogoShield™’s advanced capabilities provide your brand with the most comprehensive detection solution in the space. The feature utilizes four dimensions of logo identification to quickly discover the use of your logo across a variety of online platforms and sites.
Our proprietary technology performs hyper-accurate image classification based on visual features, such as color, texture, and shape. That means that the illicit use of your logo is immediately detected and identified, no matter where it’s posted.
LogoShield™ 's object detection finds a logo within an image and determines its position and size. Even if your logo is being used with a different background image, object detection ensures that it will be discovered.
We use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to identify printed or handwritten text on images. With this feature, the solution is able to detect when a bad actor has made changes to your logo - such as slapping their own watermark on it - and picks up the use of your logo where other detection methods fail.
The solution’s enhanced resolution capabilities clarify, sharpen, and upscale detected image quality. This helps cut down on false positives and prevents unnecessary alerts regarding similar logos, focusing your brand’s response to the violations that matter for your business.

Ai-Driven Brand Security: The Time Is Now

It’s clear that brands are facing unprecedented threats online, thanks in large part to the number of marketplaces and social media platforms available and increasingly sophisticated techniques leveraged by cybercriminals.
The good news is that LogoShield™ and BrandShield are here to help. To explore and experience the transformative benefits of LogoShield™, get in touch with us today. We’d love to show you how the solution can elevate your online brand protection strategy to the next level and protect your business, brand reputation, and customers alike.

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