Time Is Money: Is Your Online Brand Protection Vendor Wasting Time?

The flood of counterfeit items sold online has led brands to invest a lot of effort and resources in protecting their business, only to learn that many investments don’t pay off. Brands waste their money three times:

  1. When counterfeiters harm their reputation and income; 
  2. When they purchase ineffective online brand protection software;
  3. …. and when they waste their precious time on slow and tedious procedures. 


Stolen Hours: How Brand Protection Vendors are Wasting Your Time & Money 

  1. Manual search and detection functionality: There are countless fake products and websites out there. Going after them one by one using manual procedures is futile. One business owner accurately described the endless chase after counterfeiters by stating that, “You take down one, and another pops up. It’s like whack-a-mole.” 

  2. Complex dashboards: Data is only as beneficial as it is comprehensible. Dashboards filled with data that brands can’t make sense of lead to nothing but frustration. Business executives waste hours on end trying to turn these numbers into actionable insights. Still, they never know if they got it right, and their conclusions might become irrelevant after too much time has passed. 

  3. Manual prioritization: With so many counterfeit threats, brands need to know which ones deserve their attention first. Manually scoring data is a tedious task prone to human error. If prioritization's whole purpose is to tackle the most urgent threats immediately, the sad irony of choosing the slowest possible way doesn’t go unnoticed. 

  4. Manual enforcement: Detecting fake accounts and then expecting the brand to handle the rest isn’t very helpful. The legal battle to take down fake websites is just as important. Brands like Louis Vuitton employ a team of 60 lawyers, spending $17 million annually on anti-counterfeiting legal action. This is another waste of the customer’s resources. 

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Do This, Not That: What BrandShield’s Brand Protection Does Differently 

We know how critical time is when it comes to counterfeiting. According to a report by the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, “There are billions of products that are counterfeited and sold every day,” meaning that taking too long costs businesses and customers a lot of money. During the holiday season, as brands prepare for an all-time sales record, reaching around $850 billion, every second wasted on subpar solutions is costly and unfortunate. 

Here are several elements that help us make the process more efficient, while improving results. 

  • Detection and takedown clustering: We’ve established that removing fake websites one after the other isn’t practical, but what is? Taking down multiple accounts by exposing entire networks is the answer. Security teams can track several channels that all lead to one counterfeiter and remove them all at once, making it harder for scammers to recover. 

  • User-friendly reports: Clear data leads to clear goals that protect your brand, which is why we ensure that our reports are easy to understand and execute. The data is exportable and can be easily integrated. Our robust technology gathers all the essential numbers and makes it simple for businesses to turn them into actions.
  • Automated data analysis: User-friendly reports are not all we offer in the data analysis field. Instead of leaving customers to analyze these reports themselves, BrandShield offers automated data analysis capabilities that complete the process. Studies have found that 60% of employees consider automation the key to reducing data errors. The results are both faster and more accurate, enabling customers to trust their decisions. 

  • Threat takedown: After detecting and analyzing threats, it’s time for our online brand protection services to remove them before they cause severe damage. Instead of expecting brands to hire massive legal teams, we are able to proactively take down scam websites and accounts. BrandShield’s certified lawyers with IP background can handle counterfeiters across channels and ecosystems, including foreign markets that are responsible for an ever-growing number of scams but many companies struggle to face.  

Saving time is only effective when we deliver the highest level of online brand protection. By combining advanced technology, industry know-how, and process ownership, we allow brands to remain truly protected. Don’t let scammers steal your thunder during the busiest time of the year, and make sure that your reputation and earnings are secure. 

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